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Lightshine Ministries International (LMI) is a healing ministry founded by Bob Gayer and E. Michal Gayer. The main mission of this ministry is to help people develop a sound understanding of Biblical healing. With this focus, the Gayers have traveled extensively throughout the United States presenting specialized teaching events and conferences in almost 600 churches and organizations.  Their most popular conferences are “The Narrow Gate Healing School” and the “Paint Yourself Healed Conference” based on the books written by Michal entitled Narrow Gate Understanding Biblical Healing and Paint Yourself Healed. Relying on Biblical principles as well as personal experience, Michal discusses many nuances to Biblical healing obtained through the application of Biblical healing principles. She openly explains the successful steps she took when receiving healing from a life-threatening disease. A video captures glimpses of E. Michal Gayer presenting at a teaching conference.

An important mission of LMI is to send Bibles and Christian education materials to disadvantaged people. So far, the ministry has sent free Bibles and Christian education materials into over 50 countries advancing the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to sick and hurting people all around the world. To further assist this education outreach, LMI provides a teaching Newsletter to pastors in foreign lands providing an opportunity for enhanced spiritual growth.

Michal has written several books on Biblical healing making the deep, sometimes difficult to grasp, concepts associated with Biblical healing easy to comprehend. SEE BOOKS.

For your inspiration and personal enjoyment, E. Michal Gayer, who is an enthusiastic oil painting artist, has made available for purchase oil paintings which she has painted. SEE PAINTINGS.  

She had also made available for purchase photos from her personal collection of photos taken during her ministry travels throughout the United States. A meaningful and deeply inspirational scripture verse has been printed upon each photo to inspire the viewer. SEE PHOTOS.