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By: E. Michal Gayer

Paint Yourself Healed!

Healed by God of Brain Cancer

One of the most helpful books about receiving healing through Biblical healing principles!
It answers difficult questions!
It is packed with first-hand knowledge!
It discusses rare nuances to Biblical healing!

Paint Yourself Healed is an amazing, true story of how the author E. Michal Gayer, through the application of Biblical healing principles, was healed from an aggressive, incurable, life-threatening brain tumor. This account takes Biblical understanding beyond the surface to the deep, intimate, personal level where we live. Michal writes in such a clear way that even the most difficult to comprehend spiritual concepts are made meaningful and easy to grasp.

The book discusses many nuances to Biblical healing that are rarely addressed and spiritual steps that can be taken to appropriate healing. It is a much sought-after assist to people struggling to receive healing from God. In this book Michal discusses vital and extremely important principles like:

- Spiritual alignment the route to healing
- Partnering with God for healing
- Faith to stay the course
- Praying to bring results
- Personal responsibility
- And much more

About the Author

E. Michal Gayer

E. Michal Gayer and her husband Bob are the founders of Lightshine Ministries International, the Narrow Gate Biblical Healing School and the Healing Rooms of Augusta County, Virginia. Pursuing their vision of bringing the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to people, the Gayers travel extensively presenting single event teachings as well as enrichment conferences.

Michal is the author of Paint Yourself Healed, Healed by God of Brain Cancer; Narrow Gate Understanding Biblical Healing; Convinced by the Word, Healed by God; Healing Leaves Manual for Starting a Healing Ministry and Vessels of Power. These books are in world-wide distribution. For more information see below.

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